Having tasty meals and losing weight, both while saving lots of money… Follow the Nutrisystem program.

Hey there everyone! I am Rachel, and I have been working as a clothing store cashier for the past five months. After joining the job, I started becoming conscious about how far I was from being considered “fit”. But losing even a little weight seemed like a challenge because I am trying to save money to repay my college loans, and gyms are awfully expensive. I’m so glad I found Nutrisystem! It has been helping me save money and also lose weight at the same time. I will tell you about the Nutrisystem promo codes after I tell you my story.

After graduating from college six months ago, I was struggling to pay my loans. I was also suggested to get some experience at a retail store before I tried doing something of my own, so I decided to start working at H&M as a cashier. The first few weeks of working at H&M were terrible! I would see all these women with flat stomachs, thin legs and thigh gaps coming to shop at the store. I wasn’t that fat really, but I felt like I needed to get fit at least.

I talked to my mom about wanting to join the gym, or follow low carb diets, but these were both obviously expensive, and my main focus had to be saving money to repay my loans. A few days after sobbing with my mom about how everyone I saw at work was just about perfect, she came up with an idea. She talked to one of dietician friends who recommended me to try Nutrisystem, especially because of its affordability. She also sent Nutrisystem coupons along, and suggested I follow the program.

nutrisystem results before and after

Skeptical at first, but two months later, I was fully convinced about Nutrisystem

Everything in the Nutrisystem website seemed too good to be true. They were giving out Nutrisystem discount codes and there were successful weight-loss stories about people who had lost 60 lbs and more. I was so skeptical at first that I refused to believe that Nutrisystem would help me lose even five lbs. They told me all I needed to do was to eat a Nutrisystem pizza instead of eating a fast food pizza. This seemed extremely fake to me especially because the Nutrisystem pizza was just as good as the fast food pizza. I agreed to give it a try only because their meals cost me less than normal fast food.

In just two months after starting the Nutrisystem meal plan, my body started looking better. I was getting compliments from the people visiting the store! I was finally convinced that Nutrisystem really works. In 2.5 months, I had lost 12 pounds. After this amazing result, I started recommending Nutrisystem to every person who complained about his struggle with a little extra fat. I have given Nutrisystem codes to so many of my friends from college, motivating them towards living a healthy lifestyle with their meal plans. Nutrisystem could convince me in less than three months, not with words but with results!

Eat six meals and still allow yourself to skip your daily jog

Nutrisystem allows you to have six meals a day, and remember, these are six meals full of salad or fruits. These six meals include chocolate chip muffins and chicken pizza and everything mouthwatering you can think of! I couldn’t believe I was getting better shaped by eating double chocolate caramel bars. Also, I started searching for the deals, and thanks to my Nutrisystem coupon codes, I was paying so much less for my food. Also, all the food came right at my doorstep… Goodbye grocery shopping!

I also wanted to tone my muscles a bit with cardio, so I started jogging in the morning. This helped me get toned thighs and beautiful tank-top arms. The best part about Nutrisystem is that it doesn’t let me feel guilty even about skipping my jog on some days.

Saving money was never this easy!

After starting Nutrisystem, I was using only half my money I had separated for food. I was actually saving hundreds of dollars just by following their diet plans. My meal plan was priced only $9.82 per day. This was already so cheap. The Nutrisystem discount codes were unbelievable; they helped me get a day’s meal for only $8. I would’ve spent $8 on one meal if I were still having normal fast food, but Nutrisystem meals let me have six meals for the same price, all having to be microwaved!


  • Tasty budget-friendly meals
  • Food arrives at your doorstep
  • Skipping the exercise won’t do any harm


  • Coupon-hunting can be exhausting
  • First few weeks of fast food temptation
  • Microwave every food item

It has been four months since I started following the Nutrisystem program, and I must say, I have never felt happier about my body. I lost a little more than 20 pounds in these past months and now I am so much closer to my ideal body. It feels like a miracle because the women, whose bodies I used to envy, now compliment my body! I’ve finally started to love my job, because I don’t feel that left out any more. My college friends keep asking me how I did it, and I proudly tell them about my Nutrisystem journey. My mom is now so proud of how I’ve been saving money and living a healthy lifestyle at the same time. Grab your discount code and visit their website to start your Nutrisystem journey!

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